Vale’s Mozambique Coal Mining Tete Mozmbique

Tete, Mozambique is Brazil’s largest mine in Africa. SA Vale (Vale) in the near future expects to start exporting coal from its Mozambican project. Export of this year will use the railroad. Vale opens Mozambique coal mine valued less than U.S. $ 1.7 billion. Opening ceremony in Moatize outside the northwest city of Tete in Mozambique will of some by Mozambican President Armando attend Guebuza.

Vale mining company

This event as to mark the largest single investment to date in one of the world’s poorest countries. It expected Vale export one million tonnes of coal from the U.S. $ 1.7-billion (1.2-billion-euro) project this year.

5 thoughts on “Vale’s Mozambique Coal Mining Tete Mozmbique

  1. Kelvin Sichinga

    Dear Sir,

    I am a young man aspiring to work for Vale in Tete, would you please provide me with the details on current jobs available.

  2. Zaheer Abdoola

    good morning, we at St John would like to offer our services of First aid to the mine. We would like an opportunity to offer the mine a facilitators course in First Aid that is St John related, so that we could build Licensee’s within the mines and your employees could facilitate the first aid themselves which reduces costs and the training is done in house. please contact me via e-mail. Many thanks Zaheer Abdoola.


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